The formation of a healthy society, to which people have attributed indispensable importance since the existence of life, can be formed by the combination of many parameters.

Human health, animal health, plant health and environmental health are the main parameters in ensuring the complete physical, mental and social well-being of society.

Dedeks was established in Istanbul in 2022 to conduct research in the fields of health, especially Animal Health and Human Health, to develop products that have been researched, and to ensure that products that have completed their development are easily accessible.

Dedeks first introduced its products to the Turkey market and expanded its domestic distribution channels by being accepted in a short time. It started exporting in the same year and exports to European, Middle East and Asian countries in the world market. In Europe, West Asia and the Middle East is trying to create a distributorship infrastructure in these countries by endearing its products to its stakeholders.

Our Values, led by our principles

Dedeks' unchanging principles are Respect for Human, Nature and Animals.
Animals are an important agent of nature. Sometimes it joins the human spirit as a companion, sometimes it joins the food chain. Animals are also the main factor in the sustainable cycle of nature.

  • Diagnosis Diagnosis Treatment
  • Animal Health Protection
  • Care and Feeding of Animals

Our main areas of work are;

  • Customer Orientation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources
  • R&D
  • Technical Info

One of our main goals is to try to contribute with values such as, developing innovations

Our mission

To be always at the side of our customers by developing solutions by accepting continuous improvement as a focus point in order to make our customers innovative, competitive, profitable and efficient companies using the most advanced technologies.

Our vision

To be among the leading companies in the sector with continuity in service quality, integrated solutions and innovative approach.

Our principles

Customer Satisfaction Productivity
✓ Leadership in Technology and Quality
Employee Engagement
✓ Improving Processes
Openness and Honesty


We are at your service for the most favorable pricing, product selection and technical issues

Happy Customer

We both produce and market, we have always adopted customer satisfaction as our principle and we will always progress exponentially on this path.

Powerful Network

Dedeks serves in many different sectors by increasing innovation and creativity in its products and services.


Our R&D activities continue continuously without slowing down. We always bring our customers together with quality.

Environmentally Friendly

We protect nature while producing. We beautify the places we are in. We plant saplings every year.

Success & Quality

We are adding value to our brand every day. With our fondness for quality and our respect for our customers, our eyes are always on the stars.


Fill out the form completely for pre-application and our expert team will call you immediately and inform you.


İnkilap Mh. Cessas Plaza, Dr. Adnan Buyukdeniz Cd.
NO:4/22, 34768 Umraniye / Istanbul / Turkey



+90 216 687 08 26


Fill out the form completely for pre-application and our expert team will call you immediately and inform you.



İnkilap, Cessas Plaza, Dr. Adnan Büyükdeniz Cd. NO:4/22, 34768 Umraniye/Istanbul

Telephone: +90 216 687 08 26

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