DEDEKS® Artificial Insemination Technician Tank 6 Lt.

The acquisition of quality genes in animal breeding is of great importance both commercially and morally.
Quality genes are extracted and stored from genetically fertile animals by various methods. The most common of these storage methods is storage in nitrogen. Sperm stored in 0.25 ml and 0.50 ml straws are inseminated when a suitable mother is found;

DEDEKS® Artificial Insemination Technician Tank Lt. provides a laboratory environment for the mobile movement of spermatozoa at the same time. The tank contains 6 liters of nitrogen at -196 °C and allows sperm to be stored in the nitrogen tank for many years if the monitoring is done correctly.

  • Lightweight, small in size
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Equipped with belt for high strength
  • Canister slots are numbered
  • There are slots at the bottom of the tank for the canisters to settle and not shake
  • It has multi-layer insulation for evaporation rate
  • Leather cover against external impacts
  • With lockable lid to prevent unauthorized opening
  • Use of lock is Optional
  • It has a 6 liter capacity
  • Curb weight 4.8 kg
  • 6 Canisters
  • 2244 0.25 ml and 792 0.5 ml straws can be stocked
  • Static evaporation loss is 0.1 Lt/day
  • Static nitrogen retention time is 61 days
  • The neck size is 50 mm
  • The total height is 482 mm
  • The outer dimension is 300 mm
  • Canister total length is 120 mm
  • Canister height is 38 mm
  • 5 years vacuum warranty

3 years product warranty

Technical Specifications

Cat. No.

Model Min. Sip. Adt. Qty / Unit Barcode Packaging 120*100*200
V-VL0707 Artificial Seed Technician Tank 6 Lt. 5 Pieces 1 / Piece 8683735910473 1/24


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Fill out the form completely for pre-application and our expert team will call you immediately and inform you.



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