Made of PE material, these collars are used in the post-operative period to support the healing process of animals and prevent self-harm.
Depending on the size of the operation, depending on the temperament of the animal, such as aggressive, calm, etc., a protective collar is used after the operation

The most important criterion is the Collar Size. These collars are available in different sizes, making them suitable for all kinds of animals. This means there is a collar to suit the needs of all pets, from small cats to large dogs.

Stitched, seamless, blow molding, plastic, cloth, etc. The protective collars available in the models are designed to provide greater comfort and prevent injuries when placed around the animal's neck. Seamless models, on the other hand, have a structure supported by a cotton fabric to provide comfort at the neck and can be preferred in some cases.

DEDEKS® Post-Operative collars are used to prevent animals from licking or biting post-operative sutures or wounds. This is important to prevent wound infections and behaviors that can impair the healing process.

It is important to use the Post-Operation Collar for the period recommended by the veterinarian. This time may vary depending on the type of surgery and the speed of the animal's recovery.

It is important that collars are comfortable and safe for pets. This ensures that animals can maintain their nutrition and water consumption.

Collars need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. It is also important to check whether it causes irritation or allergic reactions on the animal's skin;

If you need to use this type of collar in accordance with the recommendations given by a veterinarian, the veterinarian will recommend the most suitable model and size for you. These collars can help your animals go through the recovery process in comfort.

  • Made of PP Material
  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • It should be preferred according to the live weight of the animals
  • It can be installed and removed in a practical way
  • The stitched models are reinforced to prevent irritation to the nape and neck
  • It should be checked for irritation and allergic reactions
  • Make sure that the animal can easily fulfill its needs such as eating and drinking

Technical Specifications

Cat. No.

Model Min. Sip. Adt. Qty / Unit Barcode Packaging 120*100*200
V-VL0708 Nitrogen Supply Tank 35 lt. 5 Pieces 1 / Piece 8683735910831 1/12

Technical Specifications

Cat. No. Model Min. Sip. Adt. Qty / Unit Barcode Packaging
V-PL020101 Stitched Collar 5 cm 10 Pieces 1 / Piece 8683735911739 1/10
V-PL020102 Stitched Collar 7.5 cm 8683735911746 1/10
V-PL020103 Stitched Collar 10 cm 8683735911753 1/10
V-PL020105 Stitched Collar 12.5 cm 8683735911760 1/10
V-PL020106 Stitched Collar 15 cm 8683735911777 1/10
V-PL020107 Stitched Collar 20 cm 8683735911784 1/10
V-PL020108 Stitched Collar 25 cm 8683735911791 1/10
V-PL020109 Stitched Collar 30 cm 8683735911807 1/10
V-PL020110 Stitched Collar 35 cm 8683735911814 1/10
V-PL020201 Stitched Collar 40 cm 8683735911821 1/10
V-PL020202 Collar 5 cm 8683735911838 1/10
V-PL020203 Collar 7.5 cm 8683735911845 1/10
V-PL020204 Collar 10 cm 8683735911852 1/10
V-PL020205 Collar 12.5 cm 8683735911869 1/10
V-PL020206 Collar 15 cm 8683735911876 1/10
V-PL020207 Collar 20 cm 8683735911883 1/10
V-PL020208 Collar 25 cm 8683735911890 1/10
V-PL020209 Collar 30 cm 8683735911906 1/10
V-PL020210 Collar 35 cm 8683735911913 1/10


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