DEDEKS® Veterinary operating tables are specially designed tables for animal examination, veterinary surgical procedures. These tables are designed to ensure that animals are kept in a comfortable position during surgical procedures and that the surgical team can do their work more easily.

The veterinary examination table with Stainless Steel Surface has a top table produced by pressing steel
Thus, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected, it is dirt-repellent as there are no welds on the corners and it has a smooth surface.

The veterinary examination table is motorized and height adjustable so that physicians and surgeons can use the table at a height that suits them.

Motorized tredelenburg movement is available as an option, allowing the patient to tilt at the desired angle. It is also designed for fluid flow and drainage so that fluids can be easily removed during surgery.
In non-motorized models, tredelenburg movement is provided with the help of a hydraulic piston.

An IV pole for serum or blood infusion is provided as standard.

Optionally, the surface of the table can be covered with a non-slip coating to prevent the animal from slipping.

Optionally, some veterinary operating tables are equipped with clamps and restraints to secure animals during surgery.

Some optionally available models are equipped with castors, making it easier to move the table and adjust its position.

Veterinary operating tables are used in veterinary clinics, hospitals and surgical centers. These tables are available in different sizes and specifications, so they can be adapted for different animal species and surgical needs. Veterinarians and the surgical team carefully select the appropriate table based on the type of animal, type of surgery and clinical needs;

  • Top table made of stainless steel
  • 144 cm x 64 cm
  • Removable serum holder
  • Motorized Height adjustment
  • Motorized Tredelenburg adjustment (Optional)
  • Minimum height of 64 cm
  • Maximum height of 125 cm
  • Maximum 120 Kg capacity
  • 2 Year Engine and steel parts warranty
  • Liquid flow and drainage drain
  • Foot parts static powder coating

Technical Specifications

Cat. No. Model Min. Sip. Adt. Qty / Unit Barcode Packaging 28*48,5*32
V-VL0302 Motorized Height Adjustment Hydraulic Tredelenburg 1 Piece 1 / Piece 8683735911050 1/1
V-VL0303 Motorized Altitude and Tredelenburg 1 Piece 1 / Piece 8683735911067 1/1


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Fill out the form completely for pre-application and our expert team will call you immediately and inform you.



Saray, Cessas Plaza, Dr. Adnan Buyukdeniz Cd. NO:4/21, 34768 Umraniye/Istanbul

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