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A bovine teat dip cup is a piece of equipment used during the milking process of cattle, dairy or other cattle; Milking is done to extract milk from cattle for dairy production. The udder dipping cup is a piece of equipment designed to facilitate the process of udder cleaning and disinfection necessary for the milking process;

The main functions of a bovine teat dipping container can be:

Teat Cleaning: The disinfecting liquid in the container cleans and hygienizes the teats of cattle or other cattle.

Nipple Disinfection: The dipping cup brings the nipples into contact with the disinfecting solution to keep them free of microorganisms.

Ease of Milking Process: Using this container makes the milking process more efficient and hygienic, so dairy producers can get a cleaner product.

Pre-dipping and post-dipping are different both in terms of process and disinfectant. The pre-dip cup and the post-dip cup are an important part of the milking parlor or milking equipment set and help to make the milking process successful. Such equipment is widely used in the dairy industry and cattle farms.

  • 100 ml containers
  • The mouth chamber is designed against overflows
  • It has a hook for practical hanging on the belt
  • Transparent color
  • Made of soft plastic material
  • Recyclable models have an overflow prevention system
  • The foaming model ensures uniform foaming
  • Long lasting and easy to clean

Technical Specifications

Cat. No. Model Min. Sip. Adt. Qty / Unit Barcode Packaging 39*33*28
A-AL0301 Nozzle Dipping Container Recyclable 20 Pieces 1 / Piece 8683735911371 1/20
A-AL0302 Nozzle Dipping Container Recyclable 20 Pieces 1 / Piece 8683735911388 1/20
A-AL0303 Teat Dipping Container Foaming Before Milking 20 Pieces 1 / Piece 8683735911395 1/20


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Fill out the form completely for pre-application and our expert team will call you immediately and inform you.



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